Kadıoğlu Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Vertical Tiller with Feeler



Kadıoğlu Tiller with feeler is a firm and trustworthy machine that is widely used in vineyard areas or gardens that have densely planted fruit trees.

  • With its 3 points hanger roof system, montaging to tractor is done without spanner.
  • Our machines do not need to rest. Because we took al the precautions, they never overheat. They can work non-stop for hours.
  • All of our feeler machines are hydraulic and in some of them which are in need to cool down, there are radiator and fan system. This system is more precious, trustworthy and durable than ones with break wire transferred or hand-operated systems.
  • Our machines go into spaces between plants/trees easily. It can work quickly even in space of 40 cm between trees. Precision of its feeler’s hiding its attachment and approaching distance to tree can be adjusted easily.
  • With its control unit, mechanism can collect by disabling the feeler, expand or be worked in different modes.

The machines greasers should be lubricated once a year.

After spudding season, the machine shoul be cleaned and prepared for next usage.

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