- Model H215E - Harvester Head



The H215E is a powerful, high-capacity new-generation harvester head purpose built for eucalyptus debarking and designed for use on large wheel harvesters and excavators.

1690 kg / 3,730 lb
Weight (Without Rotator & Link)

28 MPa / 4,061 psi
Hydraulic Requirements

550 mm / 21.7 in
Cutting Capacity

430 mm / 16.9 in
Delimbing Diameter Tip-to-Tip

The H215E is an excellent tool for effective eucalyptus harvesting. Four moving delimbing knives, one fixed top knife, and one fixed back, together with fixed debarking tools in the frame and two rotating rollers, ensure excellent debarking from large to small top diameters. Long component life, durable hose routings, and ease of daily service add to the high reliability of the H215E.

  • Excellent Debarking
  • Ease of Service
  • Accurate Length and Diameter Measuring

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