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Waterdrop Animal Feed Hammer Mill


Waterdrop feed hammer mill, the ideal grinding equipment, gets its name due to the waterdrop structure of grinding chamber which can well avoid the circulation problems during pulverizing process. It is widely applied in large and medium sized feed pellet plant, food processing enterprise, etc to smash all kinds of raw grains material such as corn, wheat, sorghum, millet, soybean, yam, husk, etc. The final product crushed by the feed pulverizer has significant effect on further pelletizing made by feed pellet mill. So choosing our waterdrop feed grinder with high quality grinding is the wise investment!

Characteristics of Waterdrop Feed Grinder Mill

  1. Used for grinding of raw materials in large and medium-sized animal feed pellet plant.
  2. Adopt coupling direct drive, scientific and reasonable hammer arrangement and hammer screen clearance.
  3. Advanced twice strike technology.
  4. Equipped with SKF bearings, good performance, low working temperature.
  5. A variety of sieve sizes are available to choose.
  6. Every tons of products processing power consumption is 5.5 KWH.

Working Theory of Feed Hammer Mill
The major working part of hammer mill is rotor with hammer. The motor will generate rotor to complete the high-speed rotation within the wide crushing chamber. Materials are coming into hammer mill through the upper inlet, then they are struck and impacted by high-speed rotating hammer and gradually become small size particles. The smaller sized particles is discharged through the screen in feed grinding machine by centrifugal force and air flowing, as the bigger particles can be still left within the sieve, and they are still be blown and crushed by hammer. Eventually, they may be discharged by way of sieve from pellet machine.

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