- Pressurized Recirculating Applicator



Patented pressure/vacuum recirculating system. Recovers unused chemical. Allows use of non-selective chemical above the crop. Parallel linkage lift frame holds ropes at constant angle. Requires 2x8 cylinder for hydraulic lift. Folding units come as manual fold but can easily be converted to hydraulic fold

Available in the following sizes:

120 inch (rigid)

160 inch (rigid)

180 inch (rigid)

240 inch (rigid or folding)

320 inch (folding)

360 inch (folding)

12-volt pump (2 pumps on 240 inch and above)

Diamond braid polyester rope with acrylic core

Ropes are durable and replaceable

WickMaster Facts:

Eliminates drips

Keeps ropes wetter

Minimizes waste

Improves efficiency

Fast recharge rate: 0.5 GPA

Adjustable flow rate: 0-3 GPA

Angled ropes yield 10X more rope-to-weed contact

Up to 5 mph application speed

90% effective kill with 1 pass


Heavy duty rack with quickhitch. Includes stands for storage. Tanks have molded-in gallonage indicators and sump for complete drainage.

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