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- Pressurized / Recirculating Applicator



Patented pressure/vacuum recirculating system eliminates drips and recovers unused chemical using 12-volt pumps. Keeps ropes wetter and minimizes waste. Improves efficiency with faster recharge rate than gravity flow. Up to 5mph application speed. Angled ropes yield 10X more rope-to-weed contact. 90% effective kill with 1 pass! Allows safe application of non-selective chemical to control unwanted weeds/grasses above the crop. Proven effective on glyphosate resistant weeds.

Available in the following sizes:

120 inch (rigid)

160 inch (rigid)

180 inch (rigid)

240 inch (rigid or folding)

320 inch (folding)

360 inch (folding)

12-volt pump (2 pumps on 240 inch and above)

Diamond braid polyester rope with acrylic core

Ropes are durable and replaceable

WickMaster Facts:

Eliminates drips

Keeps ropes wetter

Minimizes waste

Improves efficiency

Fast recharge rate: 0.5 GPA

Adjustable flow rate: 0-3 GPA

Angled ropes yield 10X more rope-to-weed contact

Up to 5 mph application speed

90% effective kill with 1 pass


Heavy duty rack with quickhitch. Includes stands for storage. Tanks have molded-in gallonage indicators and sump for complete drainage.

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