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Looking for a cheaper, secure water supply or need help with an existing supply?  Do you need help with water quality or flood issues?. Hafren Water provides friendly, professional and practical, cost-effective advice to farmers and landowners in all water and environmental matters.

We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Water Supply: New boreholes, rehabilitation of old boreholes, abstraction licensing
  • Water storage reservoirs : feasibility assessments for water resource supply
  • Nitrate Vulnerable Zone Appeals : advice, support and representation for NVZ appeals
  • Flood risk assessments : for new buildings, polytunnels and solar arrays
  • Rainwater harvesting : supply of rain-water harvesting equipment.

Water Supply
A secure, reliable water supply is essential to many agricultural and horticultural businesses. We have extensive experience in providing advice and installing groundwater and surface water sources for commercial and domestic use. Click here for full a list of our services (link to water supply page)

New boreholes
If you are thinking about a new borehole we can provide specific elements or the full service required from feasibility assessment to completion:

  • Borehole prognosis – is the geology suitable, how much water am I likely to get?
  • Regulation – negotiation with the Environment Agency for abstraction licences. We’ll tell you if you need an abstraction licence from the Environment Agency, and complete the Application forms, if required
  • Arrange drilling and borehole completion including water treatment, needed

Unused/poorly performing boreholes
Over time a boreholes’ water quality and efficiency can reduce due to sedimentation, bio encrustation and other factors. We can address these issues through borehole rehabilitation to make sure they work at the best potential performance and provide consistent water quality. Should the water quality not meet the required standard we can advise on water treatment systems.

Water storage reservoirs

Thinking about building a water storage reservoir? It will provide water security and flexibility, but is a significant investment and you would need to be sure it will do the required job.

Hafren Water is experienced in feasibility assessments of the water sources to supply and maintain reservoirs. This includes negotiation with the Environment Agency for abstraction licences and impact assessment for obtaining Planning Permission. Reservoirs are commonly filled from adjacent watercourses during winter months. Through fieldwork and desk studies we assess whether sufficient water can be abstracted from the watercourse to provide the required volume for your summer irrigation purposes.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zone Appeals

Hafren Water has a thorough understanding of the NVZ designation methodology and appeal process. We have assessed the potential for surface water, groundwater and eutrophic NVZ appeals since the 2008 designation process. We provided a range of advice from supportive information to detailed appeals documentation and expert witness for 30 appeals during 2012.

Our overall success rate is 70% of appeals upheld, compared to the national success rate of 38% (2012, source UCL).

Flood Risk Assessment for new buildings and polytunnels
Under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) all new developments of greater than 1 ha have to be accompanied by a Flood Risk Assessment.

We regularly undertake FRAs of various developments from polytunnels to significant sized broiler units. For detailed information on the scope of flood Risk Assessments click here (link to FRA page)

Rainwater harvesting
Hafren Water works closely with associates to manage all aspects of flood risk and surface water management including advice on commercial rainwater harvesting.

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