GreenField consulting & development (GFD)

GreenField consulting & development (GFD)

Agriculture & Rural Development


In the last 10 years, the land per capital is decreased significantly because of population pressure. Farmers need help to change their land use method, to equip with new technology in order to boot productivity and diversity their product.

Land-use-based livelihood development

Land-use-based livelihood is a term refer to group of people, whose income mainly from cultivation, livestock and forest product exploitation. In the up lands over 90% income of farmers are generated from land-use activities. An efficient land-use-based livelihood framework is the key for sustainable rural development programs, ensure food securities, and poverty reduction.

GFDs approach in land-use-based livelihood development is based on three principles: participatory; use of indigenous knowledge and technical one in harmonious.

In particular, priorities are given for following activities:

  • Sustainable agriculture in the slopping lands;
  • Developing suitable cash crops and market information;
  • Community-based forest management.

Land use planning
Land rights represent the single most important asset for the world’s rural poor. GFDs practice focuses on the legal, policy, institutional, and educational issues of rural land reform; setting up a reliable land administration and introducing cadastre systems; GIS-based land use planning; and farm reorganization.

We provide services for:

  • Land allocation and post land allocation preparation;
  • Land use planning;
  • Land information system;
  • Improvement of water and irrigation system.

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