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We regard ourselves as the leading experts in the scaling, design and costing of fish farms in Africa. Our focus is on using the latest international advances in aquaculture technology, combined with a pragmatic 'what works in Africa' attitude, to develop fish farming systems that are cost effective to erect and operate, produce the targetted production volumes and are as simple as possible to manage. Furthermore, we focus on using technology that is sustainable in the long term from the economic, biological and environmental perspectives. We also produce Business Plans for clients to tie the design, costing and earning potential of the production system into a Bankable Document to be used in fund raising and directing the development of the Project.

We offer various services to our clients, including our innovative Partnership Program whereby we support new and existing aquaculture businesses to ensure they achieve and maintain optimal production from their infrastructure at all times, and stay abreast of international industry developments.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Selection & Layout
  • System Design
  • Production Audits and Optimisation on existing Facilities
  • Training - Courses & on-site Training
  • Mentorship Program

Making use of professional advice and experience early on in the planning phase of any aquaculture venture is essential in order to ensure the venture is economically viable, properly designed and appropriately managed.

Entrepreneurs interested in obtaining more information about the services we offer are welcome to contact Aquaculture Innovations.

We have designed the following installations:

  • Recirculating Systems for hatcheries and / or rearing facilities for catfish, tilapia, kob, ornamental fish, rainbow trout, pangasius, marron, grouper, red snapper and yellowtail to a maximum of 1 000 tons p.a. 
  • Cage Systems for tilapia, koi, catfish and goldfish to a maximum of 5 000 tons p.a.
  • Earth Pond Systems for tilapia, marron, koi, goldfish, rabbitfish and mullet to a maximum of 30ha of water surface area.
  • Aquaponics Systems for tilapia, catfish, pangasius along with tomato, lettuce, pepper, brinjal and basil.

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