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Global Bioenergies SA

Bio-based Feedstock Services


The 21st century will see the progressive emergence of an agricultural sector delivering not only food and feed but also energy. This new agriculture represents an important development opportunity for numerous countries where agricultural yields can be very high, such as those obtained in the tropical zone.

Which feedstock ?

The main raw materials that can be converted into Isobutene using Global Bioenergies’ process are:

  • Sugar cane or sugar beet (177 million tons expected from the 2012/2013 campaign).
  • Starch, the main agricultural product world-wide. Starch is the main component in corn, wheat and other crops, as well as in cassava and potatoes. World-wide cereals production has reached 2,348 million tons in 2012 and 374 million tons of potatoes were produced in 2011.
  • Agricultural or forestry waste as well as dedicated energy crops. Several processes allowing access to sugars contained in waste material are being industrialized. If 5% of world-wide annual biomass production was harvested and the contained sugars were made available, an additional 3,000 million tons of sugars would be produced, more than global annual agricultural production.


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