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CattleLink is compatible with ABRI and Breedplan allowing for: Downloading of EBVs from ABRI either online or via disk. Online Electronic weight submission to ABRI for EBV calculations. Easy export of your animal weights and traits to ABRI.


CattleLink has the unique ability to store multiple sets of EBVs for each animal, thus recording EBV history for each animal. EBVs down loaded into CattleLink can be used to:

  • Create EBV projections to preview matings
  • Rank sires and dams according to EBV traits
  • Compare EBVs with DWGs and weight ratios
  • Track EBV changes of animals over time
  • Create cattle EBVs reports for sale catalogues or other

Your Breed Society
CattleLink is fully integrated with Australian breed societies. Breed Society contact details have been pre-entered as well as breed codes for your breed including: calving ease, colour and fate.

Your Breed Society
CattleLink allows for Online registration of your calves to your Breed Society.
Save time by online registration of stud calves.

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