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Celtic Sea Minerals are committed to reducing our impact on the environment in which we live. We make each strategic decision with a clear focus on what impact it will have on the environment and what we can do to reduce it. A sustainable approach is not a new thing to Celtic Sea Minerals, it's been part of our ethos, our operations and our company logo for 25 years now.

Sustainable Harvesting
The harvesting process is heavily regulated and subject to strict local government licencing and auditing. Celtic Sea Minerals only harvest dead plant material and restrict harvesting to only a small number of times per year, to minimise disturbance. Harvesting is carried out via GPS mapping so that no area is harvested more than once.

Carbon Footprint Reduction
As part of our ongoing drive to be as environmentally conscious as possible, Celtic Sea Minerals switched to using renewable sources of energy. By doing this Celtic Sea Minerals have reduced their carbon footprint to just 1 % of what it was just 5 years ago.

Renewable Energy Policy
The energy used for the production process is generated by either Geo-thermal energy or Hydro Electric. Both of these sources are completely 100% renewable energy sources.

Efficient Animal Production
Through our scientific research, we have consistently proven that farmers using our products can improve the efficiency of animal production, be that in dairy, beef, poultry or pig production. By producing more food from less feed we are reducing the carbon footprint associated with modern agricultural practices and helping to reduce its impact on the environment.

Supporting Local Communities
Celtic Sea Minerals is keenly aware that we have a duty not only to support the natural environment affecting our business but also the local communities that support our business. Each year Celtic Sea Minerals support various activities that are carried out in the areas we do business. We are keen to give back and support these activities where we can.

Local Sourcing
As Celtic Sea Minerals believes in doing its best to support the local communities around it we source all packaging from local suppliers such as wooden pallets or bags for packaging.

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