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China Regulation on the Control of Agricultural Chemicals (Decree No. 216)


What is the Regulation on Pesticides Administration? This Regulation is promulgated by the State Council of P.R. China to supervise and control manufacturing, marketing and use of pesticides/agrochemicals in China. It entered into force on May 8, 1997, and was revised on 29th November 2001 according to the decision of China State Council. Two subordinate regulations were issued by China Ministry of Agriculture to provide guidance on implementation of this Regulation.

What should I do under the China Pesticides Regulation?

The production, management and application of agricultural chemicals within the territory of the People's Republic of China shall observe these Regulations.

The production (including the production of raw agricultural chemicals as well as the processing and packing of preparations, the same hereinafter) and importation of agricultural chemicals are subject to registration.

Who needs to comply with this Regulation?

  • Researchers of raw agricultural chemicals or preparations
  • Producers of raw agricultural chemicals or preparations
  • Enterprises processing and Packing of preparations
  • Foreign enterprises selling agricultural chemicals to China

Our services:

Free Regulatory advice

  • Regulatory advice on pesticide registration
  • Advice on Registration procedure
  • Registration proposal
  • Cost estimation

Technical support

  • Inquiry for a new pesticide to MOA (China Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Technical equivalence assessment for the same product
  • Draw up testing plan
  • Data gap analysis
  • Prepare and submit application materials to MOA
  • Registration Renewal

Project management

  • Contact and communicate with Laboratories
  • Coordination and monitoring of experimental studies
  • Contact and communicate with government authorities
  • Search and negotiate with data holders

Management of access to testing data

  • Consult letter of access to the testing data with later applicants

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