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Compost Market Research, Assessments and Development Services


Compost is a unique product which can improve the physical, chemical (nutritional) and biological properties of soil and plant growth media. These characteristics make compost a valuable product which can be used in a variety of applications. High quality composts have been produced from leaf and yard debris, biosolids, municipal solid waste, animal manures, agricultural by-products, food and a variety of industrial by-products.

The specific characteristics that a compost product possesses determines in which markets it can most easily be sold and in which applications it can best be utilized. Because of this fact, as well as feedstock related issues and stigmas, geographic, demographic, and climatic variances and the variability of market segments, market development strategies are not  always transferable from location to location. In fact, it is understood that compost markets are local or regional in nature. To further complicate compost market development, today, compost production is not typically governed by market demand, but by the economics of waste management, as well as environmental regulation. Simply, as composting has become an economically viable waste management tool, greater volumes of compost have been produced.

As greater volumes of compost have been produced, market development has received more attention. Developing long term paying markets is not only necessary to optimize compost facility management, but compost sales revenues can generate substantial income which is important to the bottom line. Market development requires time and expertise, as well as resources.

To assist current and potential composters, R. Alexander Associates, Inc. offers a variety of market research and development related services, which include:

  • Market Assessments (sizing) &Quantitative Analysis
  • Developing Marketing & Sales   Strategies, Product Placement Strategies
  • Defining Geographical Market Areas &  Market Segments                 
  • Product Characterization & Evaluation
  • Determining Product Value
  • Projecting Sales Revenues & Marketing Costs
  • Determining Wholesale and Retail Market Opportunities
  • Developing Promotional   Materials  & Programs
  • Developing End Use Literature and Sales/Marketing Tools
  • Locating Potential End Users and  Brokers
  • Defining and Evaluating  Marketing Constraints
  • Developing & Negotiating Sales Contracts
  • Marketing Program Audits

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