Chamness Technology, Inc. (CTI)

Chamness Technology, Inc. (CTI)

Composting Services

Composting is the process of recycling organic matter, such as yard and food waste, by allowing it to decompose and form a nutrient-rich soil amendment called compost. Chamness’s compost facilities in Eddyville, Iowa and Dodge City, Kansas are state-certified and some of the largest in the U.S. for industrial organic waste. Our sites operate year-round and are capable of receiving and processing materials regardless of weather conditions.

Our Expertise

Chamness has the technology, know-how and experience to compost all types of organic materials including:

• Food processing by-products 
• Pre- and post-consumer food scraps 
• Non-recyclable paper and cardboard 
• Yard waste ( leaves, grass, brush, tree branches) 
• Difficult and exotic industrial by-product

Our Process

As organic feedstocks are received at our facilities, they are processed and combined with other organic materials into the appropriate mixtures for composting. Chamness uses windrow turners to produce compost on a large scale. The compost is then screened and graded. To ensure quality, Chamness compost is tested quarterly by an independent laboratory. It also meets all U.S. Composting Council standards for compost.

Composting: the Sustainable Choice

When you choose to compost your organic waste with Chamness Technology, you are making a sustainable choice that benefits everyone, from your company to the community. Composting your organic waste offers the following benefits:

• Preserves landfill space
• Reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfilling organic waste
• Keeps nutrient-rich material from going to waste by recycling it as a soil amendment

Compost Sales

We also sell our compost as an organic soil amendment. We offer two grades: Agricultural (for large-scale agricultural use) and Horticultural (for flower beds and gardens). Click HERE for more information about our compost and how to purchase.

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