Composting Services


Through composting, more than half of solid municipal waste could have a life beyond the landfill. Like food residues and green waste. Composting organic waste offers three benefits. You reduce landfilling. Improve the efficiency of natural fertilisers. And, depending on the technique you use, recover compost and biogas. When we collect organic waste, we design the right composting facility for it. That could be windrow composting, or a virtually odourless in-vessel system. Our service is tailored to the type of organic waste we collect, where plants are located, and local environmental legislation and norms. Our laboratory tests and validates all compost on its physical, chemical, and biological properties. To make sure it’s nothing but the best.

We can deliver the finished compost in bags or bulk. It can be used as a soil conditioner, to rehabilitate landfills, on brownfield sites, or for landscaping.

Through anaerobic digestion, composting also generates a methane-rich biogas, which can be used to produce electricity, heat or fuel.

Through composting, you profit, and the planet profits.

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