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Corn Seed Treatment Services

Poncho 500/VOTiVO treated seed corn comes standard not special order on all Genuity traited hybrids, Stine hybrids and other popular Merschman hybrids (for specific details contact your local Merschman Area Sales Manager or Merschman Dealer). This will ensure you a fast, uniform start to your corn crop.

Poncho 500 seed applied insecticide is applied at double the rate of active ingredient compared to industry standards. This higher rate provides better seedling protection from wireworms, black cutworm, grape colaspis and chinch bug over Poncho 250.

Poncho 500 treated seed produces 500 more corn plants per acre over Poncho 250 even when Aztec insecticide was applied in research trials. Current data shows a 10 bushel per acre advantage over fungicide controls.

VOTiVO is the most revolutionary and complete nematode protection that can be put on your seed. VOTiVO is a bacterial strain that colonizes on the roots upon germination and creates a living barrier that protects corn from yield robbing nematodes.

In 2010 research trials, Poncho 500/VOTiVO had a 6.3 bushel per acre advantage over other Acceleron Seed Treatment Products in nematode infested areas and a 2.3 bushel per acre advantage over other Acceleron Seed Treatment Products on hybrids across environments. Poncho 500/VOTiVO had a 4.7 bushel per acre advantage over the competitive nematicide seed treatment in nematode infested areas.

Three years of Poncho 500/VOTiVO testing showed an average increase of 6-8 bushels per acre over Ponch 250. In trials with high nematode infestations, Poncho 500/VOTiVO outperformed Poncho 250 88% of the time.

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