Custom Application


How accurate is your dry fertilizer spreader? Just because fertilizer is coming out of the back, does not mean it is going where it is supposed to. Most dry fertilizer spreaders are never calibrated once they leave the factory, when in fact they should be calibrated at the beginning of every season. BCA Ag Tech takes the guess work out of spreading fertilizer and lime. The latest spreading technology from New Leader, coupled with our thorough calibration techniques, make our spreaders some of the most accurate in the fields. In addition, GPS guidance and variable rate maps can put fertilizer and lime exactly where you need it, saving you money.

  • Flat Rate Dry Fertilizer
  • Flat Rate Ag Lime
  • Flat Rate Gypsum
  • Variable Rate Dry Fertilizer
  • Variable Rate Ag Lime
  • Variable Rate Gypsum

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