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Customer service is a top priority. This applies to both you and your customers. Watervize provides you with the tools necessary to enhance your customer service. In-app communication, an easy customer interface and unique water order management tools promote satisfaction across the board. You’ll be more responsive to their needs and address concerns as they arise. No more missed calls, communication errors or misplaced information. Same goes for us. Should you have any concern or issue with the app (we don’t anticipate this!) our team of software experts are always on-hand. Sleep? What is that?.

Watervize was developed after hearing from a local district manager about their struggles. Frustrations rose from lost paperwork, inefficient tracking and lost time. Pen and paper would simply not do.

Seeing this frustration we had to act. We talked with managers, customers and ditch riders and developed the best application for small to medium-sized irrigation districts.

You do so much for us and the community. Watervize is our way of saying thank you.

Software Expertise Influenced By Agriculture

Small to medium-sized irrigation districts are often behind on technology. Watervize is the tool to bring you up-to-date.

Our team is composed of software experts with passions for agricultural water management. We utilize the high-performing Django framework and TLS (Transport Layer Security) on all connections for premiere security. Backups are performed twice-daily AND backed up to a remote site. Nothing short of the best is what we bring to the table. Why?

Efficient agriculture is critical. We know so because we’re surrounded by it. Watervize was developed in Yuma, Arizona, the Winter Vegetable Capitol of the World! We address your needs so you can provide for ours.

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