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Data and Service Solutions

The database files described below are available for license and, in most cases, list rental. Licensing provides the advantage of flexibility, to fully employ the data for analysis, modeling in data marts, CRM integration, and marketing (unlimited use). List Rental provides the advantage of data applications with a specific, limited purpose.

The industry’s most comprehensive database of farms and farmers, FarmReach represents nearly 355 million acres and includes more than 2.1 million farm records and more than 300 data selects such as:


  • Role (ie. owner, owner/operator, operator, farm manager, land owner, etc.)
  • Age
  • Gross Farm Income
  • Farming Practices (ie. Irrigation, tillage, etc.)
  • Brand Preferences
  • Behavioral Data (ie. technology use, innovator, etc.)


  • Geographic Location
  • Crops and acreage
  • Livestock and Herd Size
  • FarmReach mailing lists provide 100% deliverability guaranteed or we refund your first class postage (5,000 record minimum order).


  • California agriculture producers of a diverse array of more than 300+ specialty crops.


  • Florida agriculture producers of citrus, vegetables, and other specialty crops.


  • Producers utilizing organic farming practices and techniques.

Ag Retailers

  • The top 100 and independent retailers of ag chem, seed, feed, equipment, etc.

Retailer-Producer Links

  • An extensive file of large producers who have confirmed the retailer through whom they purchase the majority of their ag inputs, etc.


  • Producers who as a component of their business also sell seed to other growers.


  • A comprehensive file of licensed applicators, both private and commercial.

PCA-Pest Control Advisors

  • A complete file of individuals licensed and certified by the state of California to provide recommendations or serve as an authority on agricultural uses of pest controls.

Livestock Production: Beef

  • An inclusive file of livestock farmers and ranchers who specialize in the production of cattle for meat consumption.

Livestock Production: Dairy

  • An inclusive file of livestock farmers and ranchers who specialize in the production of dairy for dairy consumption.

Data Services

  • E-mail Services
    • Via the # 1 website in Agriculture—AgWeb—we can provide a full range of e-mail services. Please click here
  • Customer Profiling
    • Define your customers’ demographic profile to generate the most qualified prospect list possible.
    • We run your best customers through a secure software program and create your unique customer profile.
    • Try your top 10 customers free of charge or free with merge/purge services.
  • Radius Mapping
    • Target your prospect list in relation to a central zip code. Simply specify the starting zip code and the corresponding mileage.
    • Useful for targeting prospects within a specified sales territory.
    • Perfect for boosting attendance to farm shows.
  • Merge/Purge
    • Update your client list by matching it with the FarmReach database. Receive the latest mail-to information for matches and receive only new prospects.
    • Cleans your file by: de-duplicating, removing deceased, updating names and addresses.
    • A customer profile also provided at no extra charge.

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