Design & Installation Services


Custom designed irrigation systems for your field. Since 2005, West Central Irrigation, Inc. has been designing irrigation systems for each field's needs. Their team will work closely with you to design a system that meets your agricultural needs and budget. The system designers know that crop selection, water sources, climate, terrain and geology all play a role in the system design, layout and selection of equipment.

WCI is locally owned and they know the land and the climate of the Upper Midwest. They carry only the best in the business - Valmont producers of the Valley brand of irrigation equipment. Our sales associates are all Valley-certified and you can count on honest answers when it comes to selecting a system for you.

Phase one of installation
West Central Irrigation, Inc. has 3 trained and certified crews ready to install your new irrigation system, no matter what size.
The first step of installation requires our crews to do a thorough investigation of your field, taking photos, laying out your irrigation plan, and assemble the system according to plans. Click to download a complete list of PHASE ONE steps.

Phase two of installation
Once the crew finishes the basic assembly, an electrician will connect the power units. The installation crew completes the assembly of your new system by connecting to the water source and powering up. The installation crew tests out all of the components and makes sure everything is operating within specifications.
After everything is checked out, an irrigation professional will instruct you on how to operate your new equipment. We’ll go through all of the procedures with you to ensure your system does the job it was intended to do and stays in peak condition for a long operating life.

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