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DigsFish Services


Disease diagnostic services for marine fish and shellfish throughout Australasia. Expertise in many species, including: Fish: Barramundi, bream, blue cod, cobia, coral trout, flounder, gropers, kingfish, mulloway, reef fish, seahorses, silver perch, snappers, whiting, ornamental fish (all species).


  • lobsters, prawns, flat oysters, pearl oysters, rock oysters, mussels, abalone (paua), scallops, sea urchins (kina), and other marine organisms.

Specialty areas 

  • Import Risk Assessments and development of quarantine and translocation protocols relating to movements of live and processed marine fish and shellfish
  • Design and implementation of aquatic animal disease surveys and disease risk assessments for marine project planning and environmental impact assessments
  • Parasite surveys for fisheries stock discrimination
  • Assessments of welfare of fish and other aquatic animals
  • Feed attractant research - we develop premium attractant products for aquaculture.
  • Histology based shellfish disease certification (to national and international (OIE) standards)
  • Medicated feed development
  • Advice on biosecurity, disease prevention, treatment and control in fish and shellfish culture
  • Production of biosecurity risk assessments and biosecure operating procedures for aquaculture farms and industries
  • Assessments of effects of water quality on fish and shellfish health
  • Hygiene advice and publication of educational material on disease mitigation for fisheries, aquaculture, and the live fish and shellfish export industries
  • Hooking mortality investigations and other research on all aspects relating to the post-capture survival of fishes in recreational fisheries
  • Recreational fishing education and extension activities (including dissemination of information via prominent fishing magazines such as Fishing World in Australia, and Sport Fishing in the USA)

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