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Laurence Gould Partnership Ltd

Diversification & Grants Service


Farmers and rural businesses are forever being advised to diversify in order to become less reliant upon their income from primary production. The term ‘diversification’ covers a multitude of options, and is often easier said than done. To be successful requires determination and commitment. Laurence Goulds’ long presence within the rural sector means that it has observed and experienced both successful and unsuccessful projects and its consultants are able to guide individuals through the process to maximise the chances of success. For any new business the owner needs to understand the market, the opportunities within the market, where the venture fits in and who will manage its formation and ongoing operation. This needs to be clear at the outset to avoid issues arising at a later date. Too often the initial planning stage is rushed without thinking long term.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Advice on Best Practice
  • Assessing the market
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Sourcing Finance
  • Appropriate Business Structures
  • Grant Aid

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