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DNA TraceBack Services

DNA TraceBack® provides meat packers, processors, grocery retailers and the food service sector with the ability to trace the origin of meat products from point of sale to the animal of origin. Accurate and reliable traceability allows supply-chain participants to authenticate and validate meat product attributes such as natural, organic or Angus. In addition, DNA Traceback® can be used to underpin claims made by private-label retail or foodservice brands. DNA TraceBack® capitalizes on the positive public perception of DNA, which we use to support consumer confidence in the fresh meat category. IdentiGEN’s traceability is also used as a monitoring tool, ensuring that only meat from animals that meet customer specifications is sold in stores.

A Decade of Experience and Expertise
Achieving these benefits credibly and cost-effectively requires a detailed understanding of the meat industry. As the first company in the world to develop a working DNA traceability system, IdentiGEN has more than 10 years’ experience in the commercialization of DNA-based traceability solutions.

The DNA TraceBack Seal

The growing trend toward branding in the meat industry has generated strong demand for systems capable of independently verifying and supporting the core brand claims. This creates opportunities for companies to differentiate their products and position them in the marketplace. To help our customers fully realize the benefits of our DNA TraceBack® system, we have developed the DNA TraceBack® brand and associated marketing tools to enable them to more effectively communicate the added value in the meat they buy.

Our DNA TraceBack® brand can either become part of a meat offering’s product label or be attached separately to the meat package.

How It Works

DNA TraceBack® requires the sampling of carcasses in the slaughterhouse (or live animals) and meat from the retail outlet on a continuing basis. Once analyzed, these samples yield quantitative management data on the flow of meat products through the supply chain – data which provides our customers with precise details on the performance of their meat traceability system.

DNA TraceBack® comprises the use of biological sampling systems, IT interfaces and DNA identification analysis. The technology set that supports our DNA TraceBack® system involves integrated sample harvesting technologies and our ID-GENerator™ technology platform.


DNA TraceBack® relies on patented sampling devices that can be used by producers, packers or retail staff with minimal training. Because of their design features, they do not require changes to current animal management or industrial practices.


IdentiGEN uses an optimized panel of biomarkers (technically known as single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs), to identify animals and their by-products. IdentiGEN’s proprietary ID-GENerator technology allows these SNPs to be examined in a simplified, massively parallel, low-cost production process, unique in the agri-food industry.

Proven Track Record

DNA TraceBack® has been commercialized in Europe since 2000, and is being used there to drive meat sales.

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