Feed and Forage Testing Service

Soiltest is committed to providing accurate and precise results in our feed analysis.  To assure this we maintain a strict daily quality assurance/quality control program.  Soiltest is certified for both NIR and wet chemistry feed and forage analysis by the National Forage Testing Association.  To obtain this certification, our laboratory analyzes reference samples from the National Forage Testing Association (NFTA) throughout the year. Whether you choose WET CHEM or NIR, you can be assured that we are doing everything we can to provide the most accurate and precise analysis of your feed samples.

Good forage sampling techniques are crucial when evaluating forage or hay quality.  Here are a few guidelines to follow in order to obtain the accurate forage test you are looking for.

  • Use a forage probe to take your sample
  • Sample each field or stack that is to be sold as a unit
  • Each unit should be probed 20 times in a random manner completely around the unit (one per harobed load for starters).  Bales should be probed horizontally centered in the end of the bale
  • Combine all cores and mix thoroughly in a plastic bag
  • Identify the sample bag and fill out the Soiltest Feed Test Request Form
  • Keep bags cool and out of the sun and take to laboratory for analysis

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