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Hidrostal has cultivated an impeccable reputation in the fish farming and fish processing industry, with over 50 years of continuous product development and application knowledge. This continuous development has led to the application of Hidrostal F-Type pumps which are capable of pumping thousands of fish (Smolts and Trout) per hour, with no mortalities or loss of scale.

The use of a Fish Friendly pump in an aquaculture setting can significantly reduce the amount of manual labour required.  The pump will also perform much faster than manual methods and reduce the damage caused to fish.

For aquaculture applications, trailer or skid mounted pumps are often preferred. Their portable nature allows them to be moved around the fish farm or hatchery as required. 

Pumps can be sized according to the age and dimensions of the species to be transported, with suitable options for fingerlings and smolts, right up to large mature trout and salmon.

Aquaculture also includes the harvesting of shrimps, cockles, rag worms and mussels. All of which can successfully be transferred by means of Hidrostal Fish Friendly range of pumps.

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