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Fish Processing


Fish processing technology is creating new product opportunities and Alfa Tec is on the leading edge of these advancements. With Alfa Laval, we have pioneered new applications that are being used around the world. Surimi production efficiency, coupled with protein recovery for maximum harvest-yield, enhances our customers’ at-sea and on-shore operations and profits. With Alfa Tec, fishing fleets attain new levels of throughput for greater return on investment.

Demand for alternative fuels has made fish oil a useful, profitable and viable alternative to fossil fuels. As the complexity of fish and food processing systems grows, customers need an experienced supplier with a deep knowledge of technology, engineering specifications and new innovative applications. From design to service and installation, Alfa Tec is a world leader in food processing technology with unparalleled expertise in fish processing systems. Whether for protein recovery, fish oil recovery, or for by-products production, Alfa Tec has the expertise to source and build systems right.

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