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Food Manufacturing Pest Management



Food and beverage production and packaging is a highly competitive industry, demanding the most stringent standards of quality and hygiene. Fouling or contamination of food or raw materials from even minor pest activity is unacceptable. Rentokil offer services specifically for food manufacturers and processors, to ensure that pest activity will not have a negative impact on your standards, or those of your customers and auditors. Programmes are tailored to your needs, taking into account the particular pest threats according to the type of food processing (ambient, chilled, etc...), ingredients and resulting food products. We provide the preventative controls to minimise the risk of an initial infestation, detection technology to provide an early warning of possible problems, and innovative solutions for any pests that do enter your premises.

Stored Product Insect Control

Food facilities that handle cereals, grains or dry food products are potentially at risk from stored product insect infestations. These SPIs can infect items such as flour, rice, barley and dried fruits and nuts. There are many different species, from grain weevils to rust-red flour beetles that can damage raw materials and contaminate finished products - resulting in both product and financial loses.

Rentokil SPI monitoring and control solution

Rentokil has a specific control package that can be customised to your individual facility and precise SPI requirements. Our integrated pest management to control SPI problems includes:

  • In-depth premise inspection by a BPCA qualified field biologist to identify potential infestations
  • Monitoring and detection of any SPIs within your premises, using highly effective XLure insect monitors
  • Targeted insecticide spray treatments
  • Fumigation of buildings and process machinery using Rentokil's unique ProFume fumigant
  • Heat treatments of machinery or buildings
  • Rentokil Specialist Hygiene deep cleaning of production facilities and storage silos

Benefits to your business

  • Effective solutions - an integrated pest management system can quickly and effectively reduce infestations.
  • Save time and money - swift elimination of SPI infestations before they damage raw materials or finished products.
  • Peace of mind - through constant and effective monitoring and reporting.

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