Forest Thinning / Forest Harvesting Services


If your forestry plantation is approaching 20 years of age, it might be ready for first thinning. This is an essential maintenance procedure for forests and it will enhance the future growth and production of your plantation towards clearfell.

The first step with thinning a plantation is initial assessment of the forest. Greenbelt will estimate the volume of timber to be removed during the thinning process. We offer a guaranteed minimum price per ton removed and we confirm the volume on a certified wighbridge. We remove the timber within 10 days of being felled.

During the thinning process, the lighter material is removed, leaving the strongest timber to develop fully into saw log. A second thinning will then take place approximately 5 years after the 1st thinning. All Greenbelt thinning is fully supervised to make sure only selected timber is removed. Our focus is the same as yours - to ensure as strong and lucrative final crop as possible.

To prepare the foret for thinning we will apply for a felling licence and road grant application on your behalf. Does your neighbour have land planted too? Have you considered submitting a joint road application? This will make the road grant cover a lot more ground and reduce any potential road costs to you.

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