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Boge & Boge Ltd.

Foundation Services


Boge and Boge designs foundations in a variety of soil and climatic conditions in all applications. Effective designs have been developed for technically intensive projects like upgrading the support for refurbished machinery, underpinning historic structures and rehabilitating tower foundations. Clients value the creativity Boge and Boge brings to solving complex foundation issues.

Our expertise includes foundation work in:

  • driven pre-cast concrete, timber and steel piles;
  • cast in place caissons, belled piles, friction piles and expanded base piles
  • concrete, timber and steel grillage footings
  • bridge abutments
  • raft foundations
  • rock and soil anchors
  • retaining structures
  • and shoring designs for construction purposes

This foundation was designed for a steel shredder with a capacity of 470 ton plus impact load. The structural slab supported on end-bearing caissons was constructed for durability and economy. {Mandak}

The addition of a three strand Caster to the facilities at Gerdau MRM steel required the design of a complex concrete configuration that was sensitive to substantial dynamic loads and a very high temperature operating environment. {Caster Project}

The underpinning of St. Andrew's Church, the oldest church building in western Canada , represented a unique technical challenge for Boge & Boge. Survey work showed that the inner and outer wyths of the wall were moving differentially with respect to each other. A 3-D arch superstructure complete with hand augured piles stabilized the wall construction while providing a safe working procedure for the contractors. {St. Andrew's Church}

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