Full Manual Metal Machining Services


At Lee Shuknecht & Sons, Inc., we made our reputation developing and manufacturing high quality agricultural equipment such as packing sheds, field equipment, and harvesters. However, our skills and capabilities extend much further.

The equipment and skill sets required to manufacture and build complex farming equipment are inherently versatile and allow us to fabricate a wide range of other products. For our agricultural customers we can provide obsolete or hard to find machine parts and components, as well as virtually any custom part our customers require. We have the ability to accurately reproduce obsolete parts, which extends the life of our customers’ agricultural, construction, and heavy equipment; this allows them to keep these systems in service longer, enhancing productivity and ROI. Our team of expert machinists offers full support for our fabrication services with a level of quality that ensures precision and value. Additional services include metal supply, equipment design, and fabrication services including welding, burning, coiling, and bending. We have been designing, engineering, and manufacturing our own equipment since 1974, and offer our expertise to assist customers in improving their operations.

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