Genetic Management Services


Increase your financial return with genetic improvement! Take advantage of ABS Global’s proprietary Genetic Management System (GMS®) to increase your revenues, decrease expenses, and save time, all while protecting your genetic investment!

What does ABS Genetic Management Systems offer clients?

  • Increase the volume, value, and quality of milk harvested – GMS identifies a genetic solution tailored to each dairy producer’s specific milk market. Our professional team uses genetic tools to ensure selection intensity is highest on traits most correlated to how you are paid for your milk.
  • Decrease input costs related to raising herd replacements and days open – Feed costs alone make up an estimated 60%-65% of today’s input costs. It is absolutely critical to use tools that improve herd-life and reproductive performance. GMS places a strong emphasis on genetic traits that directly impact fertility, overall herd health, and longevity.
  • Free up your time to manage other aspects of the operation – Genetic information is changing faster than ever, making it nearly impossible for dairy producers to remain on top of the newest evaluations. The GMS team uses the largest, most up-to-date sire database in the industry to ensure your personalized genetic solution is current and accurate. Sires are selected based on your milk market and management style, so you can focus on other aspects of the operation.
  • Protect your investment in genetics – GMS uses its accurate sire database to manage inbreeding levels and eliminate the impact of the haplotypes negatively affecting fertility. GMS helps clients harvest the financial benefit of using the top sires the industry has to offer!

TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Genetic Management System, available exclusively through ABS, to increase the profitability of your herd.

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