Good Cow Milking Services



Any milking system should be designed to promote Good Cow Milking by: 1) providing fast and complete milking, 2) minimizing stress to the udder and, 3) minimizing the opportunity for bacteria to spread. Our technicians are trained to perform a series of evaluations on site and to give individual recommendations for each milking system, regardless of your brand. Ask your dealer about Good Cow Milking and the different tests s/he can perform at your dairy.

Optimizer (TM)
Your optimal milking equipment settings are a delicate balance. Pulsation rates and ratios, milking vacuum, and even liner design are some of these variables that must work together to provide the optimal milking. Just changing to a different liner design can affect that balance and risk the health of your cows' teats. Our technicians have the tools and the knowledge to evaluate these variables and make the necessary adjustments, so the milking system will continue to provide Good Cow Milking.

Parlor Audit and Milker Training
In milking, the human component is just as important as the machine. That is why our Sales Consultants also work with the milking operators to establish efficient milking routines that promote Good Cow Milking. They bring expertise to your dairy as well as tools and teaching materials for your personnel.

ISO system evaluation
There are internationally agreed to parameters for milking systems. To find out if your system still meets these installation and performance parameters, call your GEA Farm Technologies technician and s/he'll perform and ISO evaluation of your milking system, whether your equipment is from GEA Farm Technologies or any other brand.

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