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Michigan Agricultural Commodities has a fully educated staff of grain merchandisers that buy, sell and trade soybeans, corn, wheat, oats, rye,  feed, fertilizer, dry beans, feed ingredients and other grains. Merchandisers help producers by providing them with information and risk management tools to achieve their goals. We provide up to date information to ensure producers can take advantage of any market opportunities. Not only do our merchandisers serve MAC, they also serve their local communities.

We Serve

MAC serves 12,000 farmers in Michigan from inputs to their final grain marketing and handling needs. We ship grain an average of 900 miles utilizing the railroad system. Our logistics team coordinates shipments to be able to provide corn to the Southeast United States hog and poultry producers such as Perdue, Tyson, Pilgrims Pride, Murphy Brown and Smithfield foods. MAC also ships soybeans to ADM, Bunge, and Cargill in the United States . Along with our grains going out for feed purposes, we also do business in ethanol. MAC has procurement specialists for the ethanol processing industry and our specialists procure nearly 38 million bushels a year to provide the growing industry.

We Grow

Over the past few years, MAC has been making great strides in expanding our facilities. We are continually making new improvements to our facilities, equipment and technology to better serve our customer's needs. In 2011 we increased storage capacity by 13.5% at select facilities totaling 5,610,000 bushels. By harvest 2012 our storage capacity is expected to increase a total of 2,320,000 bushels for 5.2% increase. In 2013 we have hit the largest expansion in our history, totaling to 43 million bushels of total storage capacity. Along with storage capacity additions, we are making improvements to enhance grain unloading and loading efficiencies. MAC's expansion projects have been fueled by the increasing grain production of Michigan farmers.

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