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Green Areas


Compania Romprest Service created its own strategies around the concept of the 'Care for everything surrounding you”, a unique approach based on the cooperation between several fields and specializations. Our team of scenery specialists and gardeners create customized projects of distinctive design and constructions meant to transform the space from the aesthetical as well as functional point of view so that it may be kept intact along the years.

Green Spaces Maintenance

  • Ensuring a proper climate for each type of plants for the following works: soil watering, fertilization, treatment for the prevention and control against deseases and pests, grass mowing, trees and bushes care, green spaces cleaning, specific season works.

Interior Arrangements

  • Decorations with natural plants; Arrangements in jardinière or flowerpots; Specific holidays decorations.
  • Arrangement, furnishing and maintenance of parks and public gardens.Procurement of dendroflowery material consisting of leafy and resinous young trees, ornamental leafy and resinous young trees, hedges, annual, perennial and running flowers in pots, roses, bulbs, short grass seeds, peat and soil fertilizers.
  • Installation of equipments for parks and playing grounds etc.

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