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GSI Arch Span Structures


The new Arch Span Structures from GSI are poised to revolutionize the building, storage, and crop protection industries in Africa. This unique system utilizes a factory on wheels to create water and airtight structures in any configuration a customer could require. By bringing the factory to the job site, GSI SA is able to provide turnkey solutions to building needs that are both cost effective and time saving. The GSI Arch Span Structures uses coiled steel to create a model 600 arched panel with diameters of up to 20 meters. By mechanically seaming these arches together, a watertight and self-supporting structures is created that can be extended to any length required. This method is not only efficient because of its single piece design, it's also fast. A fully enclosed structure with 500 square meters of floor space can be completed in as little as 4 days!

Because they are highly customizable, GSI's Arch Span Structures can be used for an almost infinite variety of applications. With the addition of a chain conveyor embedded into the concrete floor a very cost effective storage solution for maize can be created. Polyurethane insulation foam can be applied to the inside of an air conditioned building to keep potatoes or onions cool and fresh after harvest. By installing large sliding doors on the end wall, a customer can have a secure hanger to protect planes, trucks, or mining equipment. The number of options really is limited only by the needs of the customer.

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