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Herd Recording Services

CanWest DHI offers you complete flexiblity in the milk recording services you purchase. You have the choice of Publishable or Management records and complete choice in the number of tests per year from as few as 6 to as many as you want. You can also choose from different levels of DHI staff involvement on the farm from complete service to do-it-yourself. No matter what type of records or how often you test the same basic information on total milk and component production is provided.


Publishable Records
Recognized as an official milk recording service by the breed associations and the dairy industry. Herd Book registration mandatory for at least 80% of 1st lactation animals. Acceptance of production verification and exchange tests are required.

Records from herds with over 80% of the first lactation animals uniquely identified may be used for genetic evaluation by Canadian Dairy Network (CDN).

Management Records
Recognized as an unofficial milk recording service by the dairy industry. Production data accumulated for management purposes only. Unique animal identification encouraged.

Records from herds with over 80% of the first lactation animals uniquely identified may be used for genetic evaluation by CDN.


Publishable Records
Minimum of 8 tests (24 hour, supervised with samples) or 10 tests required per year.

Management Records
Minimum 6 tests required per year.


Publishable Records
DHI Field Staff required for all tests (if only 8/year), or half of the testst (if at least 10/year.)

Management Records
DHI Field Staff can assist as requested by producer.


24 hour
Proportionate milk samples from each milking animal. Milk weights and herd event data recorded at all milkings during a 24 hour period.

Service Options

3 Times Per Day Milking
We will accommodate producers who are milking either individual cows, small numbers or an entire herd on a 3 times a day schedule.

Milk Meter Rental (Ontario only)
Use this test day rental service as an alternative to purchasing and maintaining a set of meters of your own.

Scheduled Service
At no extra charge, you can schedule your test date with your DHI Field Staff to accommodate your timetable. A Canadian DHI approved timing device must be used in official service herds.

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