International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO)

Improved Management of Fisheries Services


Marine capture fisheries are a vital supply of protein for large parts of the world's population. It is critical that the management of fisheries is improved for the sake of global food security in the future, as well as to mitigate their devastating impact on the Ocean. Improvement of fisheries is complex and demands action on many fronts.

Some of these actions include:

  • Reducing the capacity of global fishing fleets.
  • Eliminating harmful fishing subsidies.
  • Introducing rights-based fisheries management practices to give ownership of fisheries resources to fishers and prevent the 'Tragedy of the Commons'.
  • Eliminating illegal, unregistered and unreported fishing through improved port-state control of fishing fleets, improving monitoring control and surveillance, and improving systems of traceability of fish products at all levels of the supply chain.
  • Improving international ocean governance, particularly with respect to the management of fisheries. This includes improving the means to enforce international law with respect to fishing (UNCLOS, UN Fish Stocks Agreement) and improving the functioning, transparency and accountability of institutions that are critical to the implementation of sustainable fisheries management, such the Regional Fisheries Management Organisations.
  • Implementing technical improvements in fishing methods to prevent ecosystem-impacts, including the by-catch of non-target species.

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