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By this spraying method, insecticide is applied on surfaces where insects walk, lay, or have their nests, in areas of your enterprise. With the pesticides of public-health importance used by our company, we achieve the optimum result for the control of pests, as well as for people’s safety. The pesticides used, are products of high standards, safe for humans and friendly to the environment, while at the same time are toxic to cold blooded and very effective for the control of insects.


Spraying with high pressure pumps:
By this spraying method, insecticide is applied on the surfaces where insects, of public-health importance or not, walk, lay, or have their nests. It mainly concerns industrial and outdoor places, where sprayed surfaces are extended and also have some peculiarities.

Depending on the place, as well as the species of the insect we are trying to control, we use selective insecticides, harmless to the beneficial insects, being part of the fauna and harmful to the targeted insects.


Gel for cockroaches. 
By this method, the bait is placed exactly to the spot where cockroaches are usually found and have their nests. The product is completely odourless and non toxic and application is done without any preparation or evacuation of the place. The product can be applied even during hours of full activity without any disturbance.

The active ingredient of the product is spread gradually to all the population, because cockroaches are cannibals (alive cockroaches eat the dead) and also coprophagous. In this way a ‘chain of death’ is occurred, causing the elimination of the already existing cockroaches and of these coming from eggs of cockroaches possibly existing in the premises.


In some cases, like in industrial places, where spraying is not possible due to existing materials, the way of storing, etc, insect control is performed by fogging.

With this method, the insecticide is placed in a special machine, where it is converted to smoke and in this form it is spread around, occupying all the available space of the place to be treated. Smoke penetrates even into non reachable points and covers all the surfaces where unwanted insects can be found. In this way, a long lasting protection is achieved.

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