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Dagan Agricultural Automation counts with comprehensive technological knowledge that covers the vast majority of agricultural systems in Israel and abroad in most of the common agricultural disciplines. The company employs a team of experienced technicians that are regularly kept up to date on the latest technological innovations via regular training. The company’s team of technicians is able to renovate, in many cases at the customer’s site, various assemblages and parts quickly and efficiently. From the moment the service request is opened, only a brief time goes by before the company’s team is sent out into the field, bringing with it, in coordination with the customer, everything it requires in a well-equipped mobile service unit to optimally handle itself in the field.

In cases where a more complex treatment is required, various assemblages and parts may be taken for diagnostic and a more delicate treatment in company workshops in central Israel, and returned to the customer following dedicated treatment within the shortest possible time.

From the moment of its establishment, Dagan Agricultural Automation in has engaged in installation in all of the agricultural sectors. Whether the planning was done by Dagan itself or by another company, the technical standard of the installation of various agricultural systems maintained its functional integrity over many years. Whether it is the installation of assemblages within a more general system or the installation of a complete agricultural system from A to Z, the company has successfully handled hundreds of projects in Israel and around the world: Cowsheds, poultry farms, greenhouses and more… The project's installation often begins with technical drawings, either designed by the company or received from another source, and it continues with the meticulous management of the task: Checking that the items included in the installation are present, as well as the necessary professional staffing (Team Manager, electricians, electronics engineers, construction personnel, irrigation and fertilizing personnel etc.). Once the team is fully assembled and a thorough study of the task has been conducted, the team is dispatched to the site, where it will stay until the task is successfully completed and delivered to the customer.

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