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Irrigation System Uniformity Monitoring Services


Burnt Spots? Too Much Water? Not Enough Water? Bugs? Digital Aerial Infrared Images Takes Away the Guesswork. Aerial infrared is a very accurate tool for detecting over or under irrigation. It can quickly and accurately detect non-uniform irrigation in your fields and help you identify and correct design problems, high and low pressure, plugged or worn nozzles, insect infestation or other costly issues.

IRZ uses advanced high resolution digital aerial infrared. Images are viewable through our website giving you access to all images at your convenience. From the website you can zoom in or out on an image; lighten or darken an image; invert the colors of an image; change an image to grayscale; and, print an image. IRZ can also provide you with high resolution printed images.

Center Pivot Sprinkler Package Uniformity Testing

Inconsistent or over/under irrigated areas can be a pinpointed with our Sprinkler Package Uniformity Testing. IRZ Sprinkler Package Uniformity Testing reports provide detailed information about the consistency of the sprinkler package's water application. You can use both the graph and tabular formats of this detailed information to evaluate and schedule the proper timing for replacement of sprinkler packages.     

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