Treework Environmental Practice

Landscape Conservation Services


Treework Environmental Practice have extensive experience of surveying historic sites and participating in the restoration and conservation process. The Practice is highly regarded throughout the arboricultural profession and our expertise is widely recognised within local authorities and NGOs.

Landscape conservation services on offer, include:

Historic Layering
Having recorded the age of mapped features, we are able to place them in separate layers according to their age and display these separately or together in order to show historic landscape change.

GPS/Laser Plotting
Accurate plotting of landscape features directly in the field without the need for base maps.

Vegetation Mapping
Recording the extent and integration of vegetation types on a plan for easy interpretation.

Site and Boundary Definition
Accurate surveying and mapping of site boundaries using GPS and Laser.

Defining the likely age of trees in the landscape.

Assistance with HLF bids
Evaluation of natural landscapes and biodiversity.
Cartography support and service.

Production of Exceptionally High Quality Maps and Reports
We provide map outputs to any scale from A4 to A0 on paper or digitally. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce easily interpretable maps with all standard features (legend, North point, copyright notice, etc.)
We have extensive experience in high quality report production, either as stand alone documents or for incorporation in larger reports.

National Vegetation Classification (NVC)
Recording and mapping of vegetation types.

Provision and Implementation of Planting Plans
Utilising survey and GIS expertise, we provide detailed and sensitive planting strategies and oversee their implementation.

Treework Environmental Practice also undertake Tree Amenity Assessment, Veteran Tree Surveys and provide Assistance with the Planning Process

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