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BioWatt Ltd.

Large Scale In-Vessel Composting Solutions



Extensive Experience in Large Scale In-Vessel Composting: We have developed through extensive experience, a core competence in developing large scale in-vessel composting plants capable of processing up to 100 000 tonnes of organic waste per annum. Our plants offer a low energy and low cost 24 hour solution to processing large amounts of organic green waste and food waste. This is delivered through the design of a fast and efficient process that produces Animal By-Products Regulation and PAS100 compliant products (compost).

BioWatt specialises in the design and build of large scale in-vessel composting plants capable of processing a significant volume and all types of organic waste.


Our plants can either be stand alone or part of large scale waste management plants. We can also combine both our composting and Dry and Wet Anaerobic Digestion expertise to deliver an end to end solution able to produce land spreadable compost, and ultimately create a 100% sustainable process eliminating all need for disposal of waste. To explore any of these solutions further, please contact us directly.

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