Lazurin base – preventive wood protection


Lazurin base is the basic preventive protection of wood. It protects wood against insects and fungi. We recommend it as a primary coating to protect the panels, shutters, pergolas, fencing, timber roof structures and for any wood, exposed to weather and humidity.Wood exposed to weather, needs to be extra protected with Lazurin lazura, Lazurin plus or Lazurin aqua, which also has wood color refined. This avoids the direct contact with biocides, which after coating remain on the surface of the wood. Lazurin base is thin liquid that a well penetrates into the wood, because it contains resin, improves adhesion subsequently applied stain and reduce their consumption.

Instructions for use: Lazurin base is to be well stirred before use and applied not diluted. The wood has to be dry (20% humidity at most), clean, degreased, ground. When applying, protective clothes are to be used (clothes, gloves, glasses) and the space has to be well ventilated.

colour chart: four standard colour shades are produced (transparent, pine, chestnut, nut tree)

dosage: 1 litre suits for a surface of app. 5-8 m2; the dosage depends on the structure of the wood and method of applying

dilution: not to be diluted – at delivery, the product already has the optimal viscosity and concentration

applying: the product is to be applied with sinking, squirting, pouring or with a brush

drying: on touch, the coating is dry in app. 4 hours. Next appliance is recommended after 12 hours. At low temperature and high humidity the time of drying is longer.

working temperature: most suitable temperature for working is 15 to 25 °C (min 5 °C), relative humidity must not exceed 80%

kit cleaning: with white spirit

storage: in the originally closed packaging up to 30 °C, must not freeze, keep out of reach of children and away from food

packaging units: 0,75 l, 2,5 l, 5 l, 10 l

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