Tailor Made Fish Farms Pty Ltd

Tailor Made Fish Farms Pty Ltd

Leafy Vegetable Production Service

The Hydroponic tables produce Lettuce varieties and Asian vegetables, such as Boc choy and Baby boc. The tables can produce 22,000 heads over one growing cycle, which takes about 3-4 weeks during summer. Nutrients for plant growth are provided in the wastewater from backwashing the filter systems in the Fish Production Shed. By using these unwanted nitrogen compounds, the plants solve an otherwise expensive wastewater problem. We supply distributors at Newcastle Vegetable Markets at Sandgate, local suburban outlets and the IGA supermarket chain.

What happens to our Products

Harvesting is busy. The tank is lowered, the fish anaesthetized, netted and weighed. They are immediately released into fresh oxygenated water held in transport tanks on the truck used by our distributor. They are up and swimming within 10-15 minutes.

The fish are freighted to Sydney where they are placed in holding tanks at the Distributor’s depot. From there, they are sold live to restaurants around Sydney.

With increasing production, value-adding will be part of the operation.

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