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Livestock Research Services



The livestock industry continues to face challenging times and new opportunities, so it is vital that decision-making is based on robust, reliable data.  The scale and quality of the ADAS animal facilities are second to none.  With access to ADAS-controlled research facilities in England and Wales, and by working in close collaboration with other research organisations and universities, ADAS is able to offer a comprehensive range of research and authoritative data analysis services to government and corporate clients.

Animal welfare research

  • Investigations support legislation and the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy for Great Britain. Research projects address livestock production systems, transport and slaughter. Work includes vehicle instrumentation, behavioural monitoring and automated recording.

Agri-environment studies

  • Research addresses environmental concerns of livestock production. Vegetation management and impact of grazing regimes on biodiversity. Development of sustainable, integrated management systems. Examination of organic production systems.

Veterinary medicines contract research

  • Unrivalled animal facilities in combination with the ability to offer both GLP and GCP(v) studies, mean ADAS is able to meet the needs of a growing list of corporate clients. Regulatory studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of veterinary medicines, including vaccines, anti-infectives, and anti-parasitics.  

Feed additive studies

  • In vivo studies on farm animals and expert consultancy to feed additive manufacturers. Specialist facilities include environmentally controlled rooms for pigs and poultry and individual feeding facilities for cattle.

Demonstration projects

  • Work for levy bodies demonstrating best practice and alternative systems of livestock production. Includes alternative animal breeding strategies, grazing management of hill and upland pastures and livestock wintering systems.

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