Manual Plant Sap Blueberry Sampling Services


Take the following steps into account when collecting leaf samples: Avoid the outer rows of the greenhouse or field. Also avoid the first and last 10 meters of a row. Sample leaves with an average leaf quality. Sample abnormal plants with e.g. deficiency symptoms separately. Might a deficiency be present in the young or old leaves of the total crop, then sample these leaves regularly as a young or old leaf sample. Take into account the sunny and shady side of the plant. Always consistently sample the same side.

Time of sampling
It is strongly recommended to take the samples before 9:00 AM. The plant will then have enough leaf-tension with proper moisture conditions.

Moisture on the sample
When the leaves are wet on the outside due to dawn or rain, the leaves can be dried with a tissue. Leaves have to be dry from the outside to be analyzed because water will have an influence on the results.

Part of the plant
For sampling, take the youngest, fully developed, representative leaf from the first 15 cm. from the top of the shoot. Also take the oldest, vital, representative leaf from the lowest 15 cm. of the shoot (see pic. 1).

Please remove the petioles from the leaf. These petioles can have a significant effect on the analysis of the leaf sample. So for the analysis you will have an old leaf sample and a young leaf sample.

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