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Manure Spreading Services

A core element of FGS Agri’s business is manure spreading. In addition to farm yard manure we use poultry manures, composts and industrial by-products. We have available a fleet of Bunnings Lowlander spreaders ranging from 9 to 16 tonne capacities.Please call the office and speak to a member of our team for a competitive quote on operated or self-drive hire.With the advent of tighter regulations and the need for more efficient use of the material that is being spread on to fields we have a variety of high specification, accurate, Bunnings Highlander Spreaders. These are fitted with weighloader monitors and printers, of 20 tonne capacity, as well as horizontal beaters ad large spinning decks which provide an even and accurate spread of product.

These Highlanders have then been joined by a fleet of Terragators which predominantly spread Bio-Solids for Thames Water but with the spare capacity can be available to top dress products on to growing crops in the spring to reduce any nutrient losses over the winter period. These machines are fitted with on board computers, low ground pressure tyres and weigh cells to provide the customer with an accurate record of exactly how much product has been applied to the field rather than an estimate.

To assist with manure spreading, Telehandlers, loading shovels and 360 excavators, with large bulk buckets can also be provided either operated or on a self-drive hire basis, to increase the productivity of the spreaders by reducing the downtime whilst being loaded.

To assist with managing the application of the manures and products FGS Agri are able to supply a manure testing service to ascertain the exact nutrient content of each manure heap prior to spreading therefore accurately ascertaining an application rate.

This can also be done in conjunction with a complete Farm Manure Management Plan that we are able to conduct for our customers in light of new regulations. All of our team are fully trained and qualified to undertake and produce the plans to enable farmers to remain compliant with the regulations as well as utilising all of their on farm manures to the best economic and environmentally sound way. The team are able to arrange the export or import of manures to your holding if required by use of our extensive network of clients and customers.

Manure spreading can be priced per storage heap or based on an hourly charge for the equipment required, please call the office to discuss your requirements and arrange for a site visit.

We also provide lagoon and pond clearance services using either umbilical systems to pump slurry and dirty water. We can then apply the product evenly to fields using either shallow injection systems, top spreading or tankers where the material is required to be transported down the public highway. Depending on the type of slurry involved in pond and lake clearances this can be undertaken in a liquid format or removed as a solid using trailed spreaders.

FGS Agri Ltd also have lagoon and tank mixers for hire to break up crusts and to mix the lagoon or tank to provide an even product.

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