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Market access covers new or improved entry for horticulture products (fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, cut-flowers and nursery production) into markets where terms and conditions of access need to be negotiated on an inter-governmental basis with those authorities responsible for the control of import, health and safety regimes.

This broad definition of market access covers phytosanitary (quarantine), sanitary (contaminants eg pesticides) and non-quarantine (eg exclusion, duties, quotas, tariffs, licences) requirements which need to be addressed through the established channels for authorising or improving access.

The Office of Horticultural Market Access (OHMA)
The Office of Horticultural Market Access (OHMA) was established in 2009 to improve the opportunities to open new markets for Australia’s $8.6 billion horticulture industry.

OHMA builds on the work of the Horticultural Market Access Committee (HMAC) which was responsible for prioritising market access applications for Australian Government negotiations with international governments in target markets.

OHMA is a skills-based committee with an independent chair, seven industry members from exporting industries, two members of the Australian Horticultural Exporters Association and one HAL representative.

OHMA drives the delivery of market access outcomes for industry via three pillars:

raising the profile of Australian horticulture by developing industry relationships in the target market to stimulate commercial market access drivers
strongly supporting and contributing to official negotiations; and
strongly supporting and guiding science inputs (R&D) into market access.

The OHMA committee and Government representatives from Biosecurity Australia, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry meet together biannually providing a unique cooperation and communication platform between industry and Government.

The Office of Horticultural Market Access is funded from the Across Industry Program and multi-industry projects, using levy funds and matched funding from the Australian Government, demonstrating wide support and recognition that this is a key strategic priority for horticultural industries.

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