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Once soil structure is amended , the next priority is to awaken the microbial life of the soil through the application of GroZyme. Research conducted by The Ohio State University has shown that GroZyme causes soil life to become more active and allows for the release of N P K from parent material. GroZyme also enhances the root system, leading to greater absorption of nutrients. When the soil is treated as a living system, it accepts other nutrients more readily, particularly if they are presented at planting time. Often, fall and even spring applications of anhydrous ammonia have virtually disappeared by planting time. As a result, the developing plant lacks critical protein-producing nitrogen needed for the kernel to fill after pollination.


In many cases, just knowing how to properly apply nitrogen and herbicides can immediately save growers $40-50/acre, while later improving yields. Specially formulated P & K are also critical for maximizing kernel numbers and need to be applied to the seed at planting time. 

Over the last several years, Ag Spectrum Company has funded research to determine the advantages of foliar feeding as an integral part of nutrient management. That research has shown that when the proper materials are foliar applied to crops frequently enough to maintain energy production in the plant, yields increase and soil test values improve.

Finally, Purdue University research has revealed how critical it is to select hybrids based on their response to nitrogen timing and potassium uptake. Ag Spectrum understands and utilizes this type of practical research to make grower-specific recommendations.

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