On Farm Delivery Services



Our products and services are directly delivered to your farm. GEA Farm Technologies Sales Consultants around the world visit their customers regularly. They deliver the products and help control the inventory at the farm all the while making sure there is always product available. They do 'spot' equipment checks, record milk tank analysis, answer questions, and bring the GEA Milk Quality Specialist newsletter to the farm, with practical, up-to-date information on milk quality and milking efficiency.

The GEA Farm Technologies Route Program is designed to deliver products and services to your dairy farm on a regular basis and ensure the products provide the expected results. The Route Sales Consultant will attend to all of your milking needs using all the services available at the GEA Farm Technologies dealership.

Depending on your dairy - size, location, characteristics, etc. - the Route Sales Consultant will deliver the products in the most efficient way, whether that is in the form of packaged goods, bulk, or some type of on-farm blending system. And you can always count on the Route Sales Consultant making sure the product performs as promised.

Your Route Sales Consultant will always make sure you have the optimal product inventory on your farm and, when allowed, s/he will keep track of your milk tank analysis to take corrective action before it becomes a problem. S/he will bring useful information in the form of the GEA Milk Quality Specialist newsletter helping his/her route customers improve their milk quality and lower their operating costs.

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