Desire Flora Kenya Ltd.
Desire Flora Kenya Ltd.

Operations - Production Service

Growing one of the finest ranges of varieties of fresh cut flower roses in greenhouses, Desire Flora (K) Ltd has fast build up its name as one of the best rose growers in Kenya. Management of all cultural practices in the field is the key to quality roses, is the theme of the Production team and thus ensures all operations are done timely and effectively. Training of workers is a routine, to help each individual realize the importance of the job he/she is doing. The focus is on the product which will be delivered to the buyer and the first steps to fulfill the buyers requirements starts from the field. Special emphasis is given to cut stage and transportation of flowers to cold rooms without damaging and bruising the flowers from field. All workers are provided with personal protective gears to ensure their health and safety, the knowledge to impart their duties and with the realization of the importance of their work enables to achieve the primary requirements of the buyers market.

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